A few days spent on the Northumberland coast,the newly formed England coastal path; the longest in the world, now nestled in its history and tales of the past


This small fishing village didnt exist until 1889 when a harbour was built to support local fishing industries,now given way to tourism and boat tours that  line the harbour .

Hidden streets still free of tourists,but don’t tell them !Schooner,an old sailing ship with masts,or a drinking haunt used by fisherman of the past, business looks good with its barrels lined neatly on the needy pavements

The past and present, modern housing peeping out behind the crumbling walls no doubt eroded by time and the effects of being built near the sea, a window cleaner’s hosepipe  strewn, its all he needs,bucket and chamois leather now redundant , yellow lines  protect the streets from modern day travel in a cluttered world.


The most northerly town in England famous for its iconic bridges, and winding cobbled streets entwined within its rampart wall’s

Three bridges in one! Modern day lighting overlooks the waters below.

The river tweed its final journey

The river Tweed shimmering,a 97 mile journey almost complete,the murky  North Sea awaits her arrival


Cobbled Streets of Berwick Town centre ,some remain untouched  silent and empty.