Nature in Mind


The month of April takes  its name from the Latin word, aperire meaning to ‘open’  flowers begin to open up,buds appear on trees,no longer  silhouette’s stripped bare in the winter months,  dark and naked  shadow’s  on the skyline, but   now preparing  for the warmer month’s, “a new look”one of  colour  that will dance in the valleys,twist and swirl on the hills, lay silent on the horizon, a silence broken only by birdsong from dawn until dusk and into the  darkness of night.

This scene  I captured whilst out with  Darren Sanderson photography  under Darren’s watchful eye and guidance; “be patient,slow down,take your time,count 3 seconds then click,” years of experience  wrapped in one short sentence “the beginning, the basics, to get me started,” there is of course much more to learn; and yet the landscape, the tree stood alone, reflect those words ,so close to home my world stops ,then click we move on, the next picture, the next walk , the next event, “life trundles on.”

Cumulus clouds the white fluffy ones look almost to be clinging onto the tree,and to the right a dark,mean and angry looking Nimbus cloud (rain bearing )  casts its shadow into the distance, and now  here I am at home in my office “putting a bit of a blog together,” thinking of something to write about, looking at the picture, reflecting on my  telephone call with Nathaniel, ( not his real name ) ending  not long ago,terribly lonely,isolated,afraid to leave the house,broken mentally and financially,its my  voluntary work for Mind In Bradford  one of three clients I speak to on a weekly basis,we chat for as long as they want.When the call is over they return to a world of loneliness and just like the fallen branch from the tree forgotten and overlooked.

It is not my   intention to promote the benefits of mental health and walking; not in this post anyway, neither do I want to delve too deeply into the past, once trapped in this  illness that saps your mind and body, seeps every ounce of of self esteem and confidence out of you crippling  mind,body and soul.It is a debilitating illness,often I believe to be misunderstood  ” I do my bit for Mind”  and we all go about our work whether voluntary or employed doing the best we can,and once again  as I reflect on this  picture , a picture that I never intended to associate with mental health, the tree it stands there stripped bare over the winter months,waiting for the  the warmer weather there is hope for it to flower and come good again.The clouds one of contrasting colours,the Nimbus angry and moody,the cumulus offering hope for better days but hopeful that it doesn’t form as the black cloud,and of course the clear blue sky in between the clouds giving you hope and belief for the future.

One last thought,I originally set this project,challenge,company ,business,call it what you may to introduce people  to the outdoors to  become part of it ,feel it, and more importantly to enjoy it .Our  contact details are available via the website should you wish  just as Darren said when taking the picture to  “take your time slow down.”