Melissa and Sam


Burnsall Bridge

Weaving in and out of farmers field climbing stiles over drystone walls which bend,twist ,fall and rise over 5000 miles of the Yorkshire Dales  myself ,Melissa and Sam the dog headed  back down the valley into Burnsall , reflecting on what Melissa had learnt from that first day on Ilkley Moor to where she was now.It was only ever intended to be a one day map reading  session covering the key points below.

  • Setting the map with and without a compass
  • Map symbols  relating these from map to ground
  • Identifying paths tracks and bridleway
  • Identifying access land where we can and cannot walk
  • Grid references and emergency procedures
  • Appropriate clothing and equipment


Top Mere road,Kettlewell

“That was Melissa she wants me to take her out again and do some more  navigation.”

“I gathered I heard you say Kettlewell, you take them all there”

“True, remember when I used to take you on some of my walks in the early days? We will have to give it another go sometime, now I know what I’m doing”

“Yes Bill I do remember and no thanks I’ll stick to B&M”

Good old Bev, never one to let me get too carried away,but she has a point there wont be many budding navigators eager to show  their  new map skills that haven’t dragged family and friend’s out on a 5 mile stroll that’s turned into a 15 mile nightmare I’m Sure Anne Lawrence can recollect one or two,and yes I do take everyone to Kettlewell

We climbed slowly  out of the village of   Knapely –  the  fictitious name for Kettlewell, where the Calendar girls was filmed  on location,and the views then begin to unfold themselves as in the above picture without having to walk too high,those views staying with us throughout the day as we  discussed and practiced the following techniques.

  • Route planning  using the 5’ds (direction ,detail ,destination,distance,dangers)
  • Using a compass for fine bearings and quick bearings
  • Relocation skills
  • contour interpretation
  • Pacing,timings ,distance estimation both on the map and ground
  • Available apps for navigation and weather forecasts
  • Brief outline of flora and fauna in the Yorkshire Dales

Melissa now has the confidence and the skills  to venture further, plan her own adventures and journeys, along side her will be her trusty friend and companion Sam the dog, not once did he bark or leave her side he became “part of it” just like  dogs do in family life,as the miles went by he was always glad of a biscuit and  an opportunity to rest his 12 year old tired legs.

For me here at Hills in Mind this venture,project ,small business call it what you will its immensely satisfying to be able to get people out on the hills ” to get them out there”  to teach them new skills and take them to places they may never have known or seen

If your interested or thinking about developing your navigational skills then please contact contact me all details on the website

Ketllewell  and similar walks are great for those  wanting get too know the Dales those that have  done some walking but now want to pursue their ambitions and interests further .I will shortly be adding it as an event once the website is updated but in the meantime if your interested in  this or similar walks in the Dales then please feel free to contact me and once again all the contact details are on the website